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Specialist in ecocontributions and EPR schemes

Customised support for your eco-declarations

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An ally to reduce the impact of your packaging on the environment

Expertise in eco-designing your packaging

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Our Vision

Nova Pack Conseil wishes to assist you in controlling the impact of your EPR declaration from a financial and ecological perspective.

Nova Pack Conseil is your ally to reach your objectives whether they are financial, ecological or hybrid in order to control the impact of your packaging.

Environmental issues have become strategic: they have a direct influence on one’s activity through the various regulations in place, but also an indirect one through consumer expectations. As a consequence, they must be analyzed in order to define objectives and formulate a powerful action plan.

Every year the amount of your ecocontributions increases and you struggle to control the costs. We can provide you with solutions to structure your reporting processes and ensure that your declarations are as accurate as possible. Our aim is to help you meet your obligations while controlling these "non-business" costs .

The Nova Pack Conseil story

Nova Pack Conseil was founded in 2023 by Maxime Lemblé as a French consulting firm specialized in the eco-taxes.

Nova Pack Conseil's mission is to meet the needs of marketers in compliance with your EPR obligations.

Our expertise assists you with economical and sustainable solutions in a more responsible approach.

I then moved on rapidly to become team leader, where I set up the eco-taxes and duties department. I learnt to anticipate and meet the regulatory obligations of the various EPR channels (Household packaging, Batteries and accumulators, WEEE*, Graphic paper, Textiles, Furniture, Chemicals, Sports and leisure products, Games and toys, Handicraft products, Motorized thermal appliances and Construction products and materials).

WEEE: Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Faced with the problems associated with EPR channels, I have made the following observations:

From a reporting and regulatory point of view, the rules change and become more complex every year. This makes the systems increasingly costly and time-consuming.

Few marketers have the capacity to put in place a CSR strategy to develop eco-designed packaging.

On the strength of my experience in the world of EPR, I would now like to put my expertise to good use to support you in your ecological transition while controlling the costs of your eco-declarations."

"Following my studies, I became head of the household packaging declaration for one of Europe's leading distributors. I was responsible for structuring the processes and the declaration databases.

I then drew up packaging eco-design recommendations for all the product ranges imported into France.